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The CV has gotten traction

“The CV has gotten traction. I’ve gotten the attention of folks. Thank you for everything you did. You’ve gotten me off to a great start. I’m now speaking a language people can understand. It’s in English—and that's a big improvement.”

- One of the U.S. Navy’s most senior lawyers (retired)

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You are my Marie Kondo

“​I do want to compliment you on doing a really great job on my CV, CV addendum, and LinkedIn. It’s been so great to have your broader perspective. You are my Marie Kondo—you’ve really decluttered my long, varied career history. This has been incredible and I’ve really appreciated your help in bringing me into the modern age. And if you ever need a review let me know.”

- Former judge and former counsel to the governor

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The quality of your work is fantastic.

“​The master CV was great—crisp, nice flow, easy to read, and easy on the eye. My career has been a hodge-podge, but you’ve made sense of a really diverse career and the CV presents and positions me well. The quality of your work is fantastic.”

- Former judge and AmLaw 100 partner

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Every word has value.

“I’ve got to tell you, I like the career portfolio [CV, CV addendum, and cover letter] a lot. I’m pleased with all of it. I like the structure. I like the way you broke the information up and used bullets, and I like your wording. The CV has impact from the first page. And I can see you really did your homework. I don’t know how you did it, but you worked it! Every word has value. Trying to do it myself was a fool’s errand.

The cover letter is also a really, really helpful tool that I will be able to build on for future applications. It sets out a structure and lets me know how and where to add information for different job applications.

And I already got great feedback from the retained recruiter. You did everything I needed and I’m in a really good place.”

- One of the nation’s highest-ranking military lawyers

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I’m excited

“​This résumé and this experience are helping to propel me forward. I’ve had to get over some of my hangups that lawyers are just supposed to put their heads down and work. I’m changing how I think about myself so that I’m now thinking and talking about my value and the impact that I’ve had. The résumé was excellent and I’m excited.”

- Senior corporate generalist in Fortune 500 brands

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