Every lawyer and law student deserves best-in-class career help. 

It’s true that we’ve helped many elite lawyers who work in elite companies and law firms. Yet, the best career coaching and résumé help shouldn't be limited to only the lawyers with the highest salaries and compensation packages. Since 2006, we’ve helped all types of lawyers and law students shine in the crowded marketplace, including:

  • Line attorneys in federal, state, and municipal government
  • Attorneys in legal services firms or nonprofits
  • Sole practitioners and lawyers in small, community-based law firms
  • Lawyers outside the Top 10% or Top 50% of their graduating classes
  • Tier 2, 3, and 4 law students, as well as students, graduates, and faculty of law schools with accreditation challenges
  • Attorneys who are single working parents or returning to the workforce after years as primary caregivers
  • Foreign-born or foreign-trained LLM students new to the U.S. market
  • And a whole lot more.

To make sure you get the help you need, we’re committed to offering career solutions for every price point. We’ve branched out from the more traditional bespoke résumé writing path and career coaching packages to pioneer free, low-cost, or lower-cost options such as: