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an approach and process to move forward

“I do think this has all been helpful. You’ve given me an approach and process to move forward. All the things we’ve been discussing—that’s why I don’t have a résumé. The process that you’ve outlined on determining my goals and the target pool of employers will be a helpful tool for me in thinking about my career and in formulating an approach for the résumé.”

- Senior securities defense litigator

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I’m finally connecting the dots.

“I didn’t really have a clear thought process for my job search before. I’m finally connecting the dots. This all makes total sense. And it feels like something I can do. I have to dig deeper and think more. I’m realizing how much I haven’t thought through. I have a lot of questions to ask myself!”

- Senior associate considering in-house roles

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I agree with everything you just said

“I agree with everything you just said. I used to do hiring for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and I reviewed thousands of résumés. And I can’t believe that I’ve made the very same mistakes on my own résumé.”

- Former federal prosecutor now in corporate investigations and compliance

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well worth the money

“You’re a genius with words. And your questions are making me realize how much I need to practice my answers for the interviews. I have a lot I need to go back to my records and look up. This has been well worth the money and I'll be recommending it to everyone!”

- Recent law school graduate applying for entry-level roles

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job interviews

“I just got back from an interview at an aerospace company in [state]. The feedback from recruiters and employers is that the résumé is impressive (thanks, Shauna!) and my experience is great. I’ve gotten to the final rounds in several set of interviews.”

- Senior in-house L&E counsel

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You have a magic process

“It’s like night and day how different the résumé is and how much I’m excited about it. Thank you a million times over. You should be getting a ton of referrals from me. I have been bragging about how awesome the résumé is and how great it is working with you. You have a magic process.”

- General Counsel for one of the world’s largest retailers

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I was invited to interview

“Hi Shauna: Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I was invited to interview with the managing partner at [the law firm]. While not one of my top firms, it’s a step in the right direction and depicts how effective the changes we discussed are. Thank you for all of your help on the résumé and cover letter. Your insight into the hiring process was invaluable. I will keep you posted on how things unfold from here.”

- Junior lawyer applied Friday, got the call on Tuesday

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