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the interviews went great

“Hi Shauna—the interviews went great. I felt like I have been connected to the [corporate legal] team that I met with there and on the phone for years.  I believed we spoke the same languages [law]-wise, strategy-wise, business-wise, and background-wise. In the first interview, we were laughing 5 minutes into the conversation about similarities in our legal philosophies, strategies, and approaches with technologists, general lawyers, and government offices around the world… I will keep you up to date, and thank you again for Thursday's interview prep.”

- Senior IP counsel

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like night and day

“I did get the position I was applying for a year ago when you did the miracle work on my résumé. I absolutely love the résumé. It was like night and day. I realized that I actually had a lot of marketable skills and experiences.”

- In-house counsel shifting from SME roles to executive-track

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I accepted an in-house position

“Hi Shauna, I accepted an in-house position with [top brand] and start on [date]. This position was the best fit by far of the other positions for which I interviewed. And the position is in [city], near my wife’s family. So a great result. Thank you again for all your help!”

- Senior corporate counsel

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“​[15 minutes into Résumé Cram with Live Edit] I like what you’re doing already.... The narrative already feels better and at a much higher level. [At end of appointment…] This was super helpful and got me thinking about my résumé differently. This has been fantastic.​”

- Lead corporate transactions attorney for business unit of Fortune 50 company

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