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Our Mission



We bring together the perfect ingredients to build your legal career and find your dream job.

Bryce Legal is a highly specialized career services boutique founded by a Harvard-educated lawyer who was on the hiring committee of an AmLaw 200 law firm. Our mission is to make career transitions, planning, and development easier for lawyers.

Whether you are moving up, employed, downsized, graduating, or just looking for a change, we help you understand your value in the employment marketplace, and to position yourself to find a better fit in less time. We are committed to the highest quality writing, career advising, and client experience. All services and consultations are provided remotely, allowing us to work easily with clients around the country and the world.

Your openness and transparency is a fabulous selling point.
— Executive-track AGC at global 100 company and world-recognized brand

Not sure how to choose the best lawyer career coach or professional legal résumé writer for you?

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to build a top-ranked lawyer career consulting and legal résumé writing practice characterized by:

  • A large referral and returning base: We have been recommended by hiring attorneys, legal search consultants, executive recruiters, résumé writers, lawyer career coaches, and clients since 2006.

  • Enduring client relationships: We often continue working with clients long after the initial project, and have developed some client partnerships that have lasted nearly a decade.

  • Unmatched client testimonials: We have hundreds of samples of unsolicited client reviews and feedback.

  • Top rankings in Google: We don’t pay for ads. We’re highly ranked because we’ve been around a long time and because leading publications, organizations, legal recruiters, and others find value in our services and blog content.

Here’s a quick rundown of how we earned those distinctions.

Recognition that Every Lawyer is Different

A career plan and résumé that’s perfect for a veteran products liability litigator in a large New York or Los Angeles firm will not work well for a recent graduate with an LLM in Tax pursuing a career in trusts and estates in a small firm outside Denver, or for an oil and gas attorney in Houston, or for a senior corporate generalist in-house at a defense contractor near Washington, DC.

    Your individual coaching, résumé, cover letters, and auxiliary documents are targeted to your career goals. To do this, we give great thought to both your personal objectives and to the peculiarities and demands of the modern legal hiring market. We leverage our hiring-side knowledge to have one-on-one discussions with you. It’s a collaborative process that builds a platform for you to grow in your career.

    Focus on What Matters to You

    Our coaching and writing clients learn not just how to recognize and seize opportunities, but also how to create them. We work with attorneys to develop action plans enabling them to take charge of their situations:

    • Prepare to make career, practice area, and geographical changes
    • Get ready for interviews
    • Address weak spots (or perceived weak spots) in their skills, experience, and résumé
    • Build and use networks for short-term goals (like immediate job placement) and long-term goals (like an eventual client-base, establishing oneself as a thought leader, and career opportunities)
    • And a whole lot more

    Sample Client Testimonials

    Why work with Bryce Legal? How can you choose the best lawyer career coach and legal résumé writer for you? Here’s what just a few our clients say. To read hundreds of client reviews and testimonials from attorneys and law school students, please see Our Client Testimonials.