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Executive, Executive-Track, and Partnership-Track Lawyers

You have an excellent, practical, common sense approach.
— Corporate generalist positioning for GC roles in public companies

Are you preparing for the top rung on the ladder?

Each lawyer in this diverse group is seeking leadership roles with significant business, managerial, and leadership components. They’d like to obtain equity partnership, C-suite roles like chief legal officer (CLO) or general counsel (GC), or other leadership positions.

In most cases, they’re eyeing the next rung on the law firm or corporate ladder. However, each faces a different set of challenges depending on practice areas, target employers and industries, and other individual factors. 

Executive lawyers may include attorneys with:

  • 15 to 45 years of experience, with compensation packages clustered between $200,000 and $500,000
  • Corporate leadership roles such as GC at start-ups, regional or statewide companies, or other non-Fortune 500 companies
  • Corporate legal department leadership roles such as deputy general counsel (DGC) or head of a practice group in a large corporation
  • Law firm leadership roles such income partners
  • Government or non-profit leadership or supervisory roles such as commissioner, deputy attorney general, and executive director

Executive-track and partnership-track lawyers may include attorneys with: 

  • Generally 7 to 15 years of experience, with compensation packages clustered between $150,000 and $350,000
  • Assistant general counsel (AGC) roles in Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies, subsidiaries, or other businesses
  • Senior associate and Of Counsel roles in prominent law firms
  • Prosecutors and other government attorneys moving to supervisory roles or the private sector

Quite simply, our goal is to help you level up.

Among the greatest challenges for these lawyers is preparing to take the next step up the ladder, including building a strong foundation and a suite of career portfolio documents. (If you’re looking to downshift, then we can help you with that too.)


Career Services

Just a few of the areas we can help you with are:

Writing and Branding

  • Résumés and CVs

  • Cover letters and correspondence

  • LinkedIn profiles

  • Deal sheets, representative matters, and sample projects

  • Listings of presentations, speaking engagements, and media mentions

  • Leadership bios

  • Recruiter questionnaires

  • Marketing and website copy

  • Business plans

  • 30-60-90 day plans

  • Creation and articulation of a clear professional brand

  • Identification of value and impact

Immediate Career Decision-Making

  • Working with retained legal and executive search consultants

  • Moving in-house from a law firm or other lateral moves

  • Demonstrating industry-specific or problem-specific track records

  • Building career narratives around non-linear work experience

  • Developing a potential book of business

  • Improving on-the-job performance

  • Navigating office politics and personalities

  • Getting sponsors and mentors

  • Leveraging early career or military experience

  • Getting credit for language and cultural fluencies

  • Changing job markets

  • Deciding among job offers

  • Preparing for job interviews

  • Negotiating salary

  • Downshifting

Long-Term Career Planning

  • Networking and relationship building

  • Building and showcasing thought leadership

  • Positioning for corporate or nonprofit boards

  • Identifying your best fit roles and employers

  • Identifying technical or experiential soft spots, as well as building plans to beef them up

  • Creating and moving toward end-goals

  • Planning for retirement

  • Looking forward to giving back and post-retirement fulfillment

Career Coaching

Most of our executive and executive-track clients don’t want long-term career coaching packages. Instead, they have specific, periodic need for a strategic career adviser and partner. Our career coaching is designed as a simple, elegant solution: just tell us the issues you’d like to discuss, and send us your current résumé (Don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be in great shape) so that we have some context. We offer general career coaching, coaching with executive / legal recruiters, job search coaching, career decision-making, and more.

This whole process has been educational and exciting. When I look at my original CV side by side with yours, mine looks like it was done by a third grader. Yours looks like a master’s thesis. This résumé opens me up to so many other opportunities. I wish I had met you and gone through this process years ago. I keep wondering how many opportunities I’ve missed out on over the years.
— Executive-level attorney in a state House of Representatives transitioning to in-house counsel

On-Demand Résumé Writing

Today, Bryce Legal offers two tracks for writing: on-demand and bespoke

Our on-demand services let you get the help you want, when you want. For example, we offer real-time résumé writing via screen share. The Résumé Cram with Live Edit can be a critical tool for lawyers in a hurry to improve their documents quickly and dramatically. Because we need time to discuss your positioning, branding, and overall career narrative, we find clients at this level in their careers prefer the 120-Min Résumé Cram with Live Edit. 

Shauna C. Bryce at speaking about career re-evalutaion and mid-career pivots at a Harvard Law School alumni event.

Shauna C. Bryce at speaking about career re-evalutaion and mid-career pivots at a Harvard Law School alumni event.

Bespoke Résumé Writing

If you need an intensive, deep dive into your career or a more holistic approach to your career narrative / branding, then the bespoke track may be a better option. Our multi-step bespoke process gives us more time to position you for the future. 

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

There are said to be more than eight million C-level executives on LinkedIn, and been reported that more than one third of business executives in the U.S., Europe, and Asia use LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn is now one of top recruiting tools for retained, contingency, and internal recruiters. Therefore, we recommend all lawyers have a strong, polished presence on LinkedIn—even those who are passive or stealth job seekers. We can help you put together a LinkedIn profile that reflects your leadership and value, as well as positions you as a target of acquisition.

Sample Testimonials from Executive Lawyers, Law Partners, Executive -Track Attorneys, and Partnership-Track Associates

Why work with Bryce Legal? How can you choose the best lawyer career coach and legal résumé writer for you? Here’s what just a few our clients say. To read hundreds of client reviews and testimonials from attorneys, please see Our Client Testimonials.