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Fortune 500 CLOs, GCs, C-Suite Lawyers, and Law Firm Equity Partners


Are you a purple squirrel?

Finding a job often isn’t the biggest challenge. C-suite lawyers and equity partners are often more concerned about finding the right fit, and in some cases raise concerns that their particular set of background, achievements, and career interests make finding the perfect fit difficult. 

Likewise, boards of directors, executive leadership teams, and retained recruiters may consider these C-suite attorneys and equity partners to be “purple squirrels,” an executive and legal search term used to refer to candidates with a valuable—and hard to find—combination of qualifications. 

Our goal is to help you understand, articulate, and leverage your value in the marketplace—and to help you become a target of acquisition. For most clients, this means scrapping old career documents they’ve been cobbling together for decades. Instead, we replace them with an elegant career portfolio designed to appeal to the highest levels of corporate and law firm leadership, including boards of directors and management committees.

In a handful of cases, these lawyers are looking to downshift, wrap up their careers, or switch to a rewarding encore career before retirement. We can help you with that too.

Once again you have proven that you are the Rolls Royce of the industry.
— Harvard Law School classmate of President Barack Obama

We’ve been privileged to partner on career coaching and writing projects with some of the top attorneys in country. Many of Bryce Legal’s clients have:

  • 15 to 35 years of experience
  • Annual base salaries ranging from $350,000 to $1,000,000, with some having multimillion-dollar total compensation packages
  • Corporate leadership roles such as chief legal officer (CLO), chief operations officer (COO), general counsel (GC), and deputy general counsel (DGC) at Global 100 / Fortune 500 companies or their divisions, major subsidiaries, and business lines
  • Law firm leadership roles such managing partners, practice group leaders, and equity partners in AmLaw 200, Magic Circle, elite boutique practices, and other law firms of all sizes
  • Government, agency, or institutional leadership roles in organizations such as the military, federal agencies, state government, universities and colleges, and national non-profits
    Before you worked your magic, there was almost no interest in me, but afterward, I started getting numerous inquiries.
    — Vice President and Chief Counsel in technology sector
    You were totally worth money and investment.
    — Chief IP Counsel for Fortune 100 and Former AmLaw 100 partner

    Career Services

    Just a few of the areas we can help you with are...

    Writing and Branding

    • Résumés and CVs
    • Cover letters and correspondence
    • Deal sheets, representative matters, and sample projects
    • Listings of presentations, speaking engagements, and media mentions
    • Leadership bios
    • LinkedIn profiles
    • Recruiter questionnaires
    • Marketing and website copy
    • Business plans
    • 30-60-90 day plans
    • Professional branding
    • Identification of value and impact


    Immediate Career Decision-Making

    • Working with retained legal and executive search consultants
    • Moving in-house from a law firm
    • Demonstrating industry-specific or problem-specific track records
    • Building career narratives around non-linear work experience
    • Leveraging early career or military experience
    • Getting credit for language and cultural fluencies
    • Changing job markets
    • Deciding among job offers
    • Negotiating salary
    • Downshifting

    Long-Term Career Planning

    • Networking and relationship building
    • Building and showcasing thought leadership
    • Positioning for corporate or nonprofit boards
    • Identifying your best fit roles and employers 
    • Identifying technical or experiential soft spots, as well as building plans to beef them up
    • Creating and moving toward end-goals
    • Planning for retirement
    • Looking forward to giving back and post-retirement fulfillment
     Shauna C. Bryce as moderator of “5 Strategies on How to Gain Visibility and Become Invaluable as a Law Firm Associate,” Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC) One-Day Career Strategies Conference, hosted by K&L Gates LLP in New York, NY. With panelists Jayme Smoot of Nationwide and Christopher Robinson of Kirkland & Ellis.

    Shauna C. Bryce as moderator of “5 Strategies on How to Gain Visibility and Become Invaluable as a Law Firm Associate,” Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC) One-Day Career Strategies Conference, hosted by K&L Gates LLP in New York, NY. With panelists Jayme Smoot of Nationwide and Christopher Robinson of Kirkland & Ellis.

    Career Coaching

    Although we have developed long-term relationships with many of our clients, most of our C-suite and equity partner clients don’t want long-term coaching packages. Instead, they have specific, periodic need for a strategic career adviser and partner. Our career coaching is designed as a simple, elegant solution: just tell us the issues you’d like to discuss, and send us your current résumé, bio, or profile so that we have some context.

    I’ve not had anyone speak truth to me in a long time. People are always trying to be my friend. I need someone to tell me the truth, and I’m glad I found you.
    — General Counsel in entertainment, gaming, and hospitality industries

    On-Demand Résumé Writing

    Our on-demand writing services let you get the help you want, when you want, at a lower price point. For example, we offer real-time résumé writing via screen share. The Résumé Cram with Live Edit can be a critical tool for C-suite lawyers and equity partners in a hurry to improve their documents quickly and dramatically.

    Because we need time to discuss positioning, branding, and overall career narrative, we find c-suite and equity partners prefer the 120-Min Résumé Cram with Live Edit in order to make substantial progress on their documents. We also have a 1/2 Day Résumé Cram with Live Edit option. 

    Bespoke Résumé Writing

    If you need an intensive, deep dive into your career or a more holistic approach to your career narrative / branding, then the bespoke track may be a better option. Our multi-step bespoke process is gives us more time to position you for the future. 


    What’s the Difference Between a Résumé and a CV?

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    There are said to be more than eight million C-level executives on LinkedIn, and been reported that more than one third of business executives in the U.S., Europe, and Asia use LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn is now one of top recruiting tools for retained, contingency, and internal recruiters. Therefore, we recommend all lawyers have a strong, polished presence on LinkedIn—even those who are passive or stealth job seekers.

    Top-level attorneys face additional issues, including setting a tone of modern, collaborative leadership for their organizations while attracting further career opportunities. We can help you put together a LinkedIn profile that reflects your leadership and value, as well as positions you as a target of acquisition for those purple squirrel opportunities.

     Shauna C. Bryce speaking to Harvard Law School alumni

    Shauna C. Bryce speaking to Harvard Law School alumni

    Sample Client Testimonials

    Why work with Bryce Legal? Here’s what our Fortune 500 CLO, GC, and equity partner clients say. For even more testimonials, please see Our Client Testimonials.