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all the résumé writers recommended you

“Everyone I talked to told me to talk to you. You should know that everyone—all the other résumé writers I talked to— recommended you. And you worked your magic. It's fantastic. It's so much clearer, it's amazing. I actually feel so much better about this whole job search right now because of the new résumé.”

- AmLaw 100 staff attorney

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I’m already feeling more confident

“[Within 30 minutes of Résumé Cram with Live Edit] It looks so much better already. And now it makes sense. It just looks so much better. And I’m already feeling more confident about both my job search and interviewing.”

- National security / cybersecurity lawyer

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worked out precisely as I had hoped

“It is hard to believe it’s been a year.  I am happy to report that I continue to work for the firm that recruited me after reviewing the résumé that you helped me put together. As we discussed, I was looking for an unusual situation... The situation has worked out precisely as I had hoped, and [the firm] has expressed its happiness with the arrangement. I’m pretty sure I would not have landed this gig without your help.​”

- Veteran litigator

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You are my Marie Kondo

“​I do want to compliment you on doing a really great job on my CV, CV addendum, and LinkedIn. It’s been so great to have your broader perspective. You are my Marie Kondo—you’ve really decluttered my long, varied career history. This has been incredible and I’ve really appreciated your help in bringing me into the modern age. And if you ever need a review let me know.”

- Former judge and former counsel to the governor

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The résumé, upon first use, got me an interview!

“The résumé, upon first use, got me an interview! Shauna kind of gave it to me straight and made me face myself and then tore my résumé up, but the end product was fantastic. I would certainly like her help with cover letter and interview advice. She is incredible.”

- Junior attorney seeking law firm associate roles

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