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Be successful, fulfilled, and happy.

Career development, career planning, and career transitions can be overwhelming. At Bryce Legal, we understand your challenges, frustrations, and questions as you look for career help. Right now, you may be wondering how you can:

  • Develop as a legal team leader and team member?

  • Identify and explore career options—whether in law, adjacent to law, or outside law?

  • Harmonize your short-term goal of landing a new job with your long-term goal of building a career you love?

  • Create a personalized action plan to move your job search and your career forward?

  • Get your cover letter, résumé, LinkedIn and social media profiles, and other career documents noticed?

  • Find professional résumé writing and legal career advice you can trust?

Whether you are moving up, employed, downsized, graduating, or just looking for a change, we help you understand your value in the employment marketplace, and to position yourself to find a better fit in less time. 

Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. Founder and Principal of Bryce Legal  Harvard Law School JD, former AmLaw 200 hiring attorney, and nationally recognized expert in legal careers   Find out more about Shauna →

Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. Founder and Principal of Bryce Legal

Harvard Law School JD, former AmLaw 200 hiring attorney, and nationally recognized expert in legal careers

Find out more about Shauna →

Bryce Legal’s Commitments to You

Help for lawyers wanting to be successful, fulfilled, and happy.
To help attorneys land jobs and build careers, we use proven strategies developed through our combined experiences. Each of our career experts has 20+ years in legal or executive hiring, lawyer career coaching, legal résumés, career development, professional branding, and industry leadership.

Highest level of client care. 
Great career coaching, résumé writing, and LinkedIn help isn’t enough; it's important you have a great experience as well. We aim for the diamond standard for both substantive work and for client interaction because you deserve confidential, seamless, white glove service. 

Informed decision-making. 
So many of us attorneys are—by nature and by training—risk averse. We’ve provided so much information on this site because we want you to know what to expect if you choose to work with us. We encourage due diligence before hiring us and encourage you to ask questions so you can be confident we’re a good fit for you.

If you’re looking to make a move or build your legal career, then let’s work together to move you forward. 





Former Fortune 15 / AmLaw 100 recruiter, Jared Redick has 20+ years in career transitions, decision-making, and branding for C-suite and executive attorneys, partners, on-track lawyers, career changers, and lawyers leaving the law.



Former AmLaw 100 lawyer and law school professor, Julie Cromer Young has 20+ years in law, legal hiring, career development, and decision-making for junior and entry-level lawyers, law students, and academics. 



Former AmLaw 100 lawyer, AmLaw 200 hiring attorney, and in-house counsel, Shauna C. Bryce is a nationally recognized expert with 20+ years in transitions, development, and decision-making for lawyers throughout their careers.


Before you worked your magic, there was almost no interest in me, but afterward, I started getting numerous inquiries.
— Vice President and Chief Counsel in technology sector
I’m so glad I made this phone call. This was worth every penny. This has been eye-opening and a kick in the pants.
— Attorney with political aspirations
My interview with [...] was yesterday. It went great. So great that they called me one hour later and offered me the job.
— Veteran public defender