We have a long history of happy lawyers and tangible impact on their careers.

Let’s face it: choosing a lawyer coach and résumé writer is a big decision. You’re not just choosing an expert, you’re also choosing the best partner for you. As you make your decision, it helps to see feedback from past clients.

Since Shauna C. Bryce first formally founded her career boutique for lawyers in 2006, our goal has been to deliver the highest quality career advising, writing, and client experience. Lawyers often have strong opinions and, over the years, our clients have been generous in letting us know how they felt about whether we’ve succeeded. And although we don’t offer guarantees, we try to stay in touch with our clients over time to ensure they’re on the right track. We now conduct 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year follow ups, which gives clients a chance to let us know if we:

  • Made a difference in their job search, confidence, interviewing, or decision-making?

  • Constructed practical action plans that addressed their individual situations?

  • Added valuable knowledge and perspective?

  • Wrote résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other career documents that reflected their value to target employers?

  • Gave excellent value for their investment?

  • Provided an encouraging and positive client / customer service experience?

  • Positively impacted their career outcomes?

Client Testimonials and Feedback

We’ve created a searchable database with hundreds of testimonials from coachingon-demand writing, bespoke writing, and LinkedIn clients so that you can find the client feedback most relevant to you.

There are too many to fit on one page, so use these tools to find the testimonials that are most relevant to you...