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the interviews went great

“Hi Shauna—the interviews went great. I felt like I have been connected to the [corporate legal] team that I met with there and on the phone for years.  I believed we spoke the same languages [law]-wise, strategy-wise, business-wise, and background-wise. In the first interview, we were laughing 5 minutes into the conversation about similarities in our legal philosophies, strategies, and approaches with technologists, general lawyers, and government offices around the world… I will keep you up to date, and thank you again for Thursday's interview prep.”

- Senior IP counsel

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caught the eyes of key players

“Working with you was the first time I realized that I was a product I have to sell. No one is going to make positive assumptions about my acumen. My résumé has to market who I am. And it worked. My résumé caught the eyes of key players in the industry.”

- Senior corporate counsel

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I’m really thinking about my path and where I want to go.

“I found the process and the new résumé so stimulating. It really jolted me into realizing that I’m going to be responsible to a job interviewer for everything in my résumé. I need to be able to talk about it. I understand more how to tell my story, the common threads, and what themes I want to convey because I’m not just trying to get the next job. I’m really thinking about my path and where I want to go. I really enjoyed the process.”

- American GC returning to the U.S. from Dubai

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The CV has gotten traction

“The CV has gotten traction. I’ve gotten the attention of folks. Thank you for everything you did. You’ve gotten me off to a great start. I’m now speaking a language people can understand. It’s in English—and that's a big improvement.”

- One of the U.S. Navy’s most senior lawyers (retired)

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I just didn’t even know where to start.

“I’ve spent more time than I care to admit putting together what is still a pretty awful résumé. I just didn’t even know where to start. I’ve been on the hiring-side myself, and I completely agree with you about the needed changes.”

- Chief Legal Officer of mid-sized company

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You are my Marie Kondo

“​I do want to compliment you on doing a really great job on my CV, CV addendum, and LinkedIn. It’s been so great to have your broader perspective. You are my Marie Kondo—you’ve really decluttered my long, varied career history. This has been incredible and I’ve really appreciated your help in bringing me into the modern age. And if you ever need a review let me know.”

- Former judge and former counsel to the governor

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“I’m a very visual person, and the résumé just looks beautiful. It’s more structured and has more meat on it. And I really appreciate that you’re a lawyer. It just makes all of this so much easier. Just this process has been very valuable—just making me think about myself in a different way.”

- Corporate board member and general counsel in Fortune 100 drug company

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