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then I met you

“I thought I had pretty decent knowledge about LinkedIn, and then I met you and realized that there’s so much more I could be doing. It’s very nice the way you laid everything out to build my profile. I love your ideas. All I had to do was copy the information. And I didn’t even know that I had an old LinkedIn account until you found it. I’ve already had contacts tell me I have a really good profile."

- Senior brand strategy counsel

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LinkedIn works!

“LinkedIn works! I got my job through LinkedIn. The recruiter contacted me just two weeks after you updated my profile. And I’ve had lots of recruiters contact me, which *never* happened before. There are always recruiters sniffing around my profile, so it’s working!”

- Senior corporate generalist in Fortune 500

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the best résumé writer on the planet

“​I was referred to you by a colleague who worked with you two years ago. He said you are the best résumé writer on the face of the planet. He told me I was stupid if I didn’t call you. I don’t that anyone has ever gotten a more enthusiastic endorsement! The formatting of the new résumé is very clean looking, and I really like how it presents me. It’s brilliant. And so much better than what I was doing. Thank you, really.”

- Senior public finance and corporate transactions attorney

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I have stage fright.

“I just stink at interviewing. I have stage fright. It’s true. And I don't know what to do about it. Your coaching made me better—I wasn’t as nervous. And I was told that I came across as more confident. And these are all really great ideas to continue to improve.”

- In-house counsel at Fortune 100 energy company

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job interviews

“I just got back from an interview at an aerospace company in [state]. The feedback from recruiters and employers is that the résumé is impressive (thanks, Shauna!) and my experience is great. I’ve gotten to the final rounds in several set of interviews.”

- Senior in-house L&E counsel

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