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Outplacement for Lawyers


Job transitions are a fact of life—in every economy.

Sometimes circumstances and priorities change. Sometimes a hire just doesn’t work out. Not every law firm associate will make partner and not every partner will stay forever. Corporate legal departments reorganize and downsize.

Regardless of the underlying cause, termination comes as a shock to many attorneys. Outplacement services can be a compassionate way for employers to help their attorneys transition to high quality employment. Career transition coaching and other career services for departing lawyers may also provide important benefits to employers:

I feel like I’m in a much better place.
— Law firm transition / outplacement white collar crime litigator in BigLaw
  • Preservation of goodwill with the departing lawyer
  • Increase in likelihood of client or business referrals from the departing lawyer
  • Protection of the employer’s positive reputation among potential hires
  • Reassurance to remaining attorneys that their employer cares about their long-term success and livelihoods
  • Increase in participation in valuable employer alumni networks 
  • Reduction in unpleasantness, unemployment claims, and lawsuits

How We Help Lawyers in Transition

We can help your departing attorneys move forward and thrive. 

Since 2006, we’ve worked with lawyers voluntarily and involuntarily separating from their current employers. We’ve even provided outplacement services to AmLaw 100 firms—working in partnership with your legal hiring directors, attorney professional development directors, and HR teams, we design tailored cost- and time-sensitive packages.

Our packages are customized to meet the needs and realities of even the world’s most prestigious law firms, and can be sized to include one-on-one coaching services. Our outplacement offerings include confidence building, résumé critique and résumé writing, job interview preparation, job search coaching, networking, career decision-making, transferrable skill evaluation and examination of potential skill gaps, potential employer identification, and more. We emphasize action plan development to help your lawyers land quality employment, faster. 

We can also provide group-licensed resources from our bookstore

Sample Client Testimonials

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