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I’m already feeling more confident

“[Within 30 minutes of Résumé Cram with Live Edit] It looks so much better already. And now it makes sense. It just looks so much better. And I’m already feeling more confident about both my job search and interviewing.”

- National security / cybersecurity lawyer

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The CV has gotten traction

“The CV has gotten traction. I’ve gotten the attention of folks. Thank you for everything you did. You’ve gotten me off to a great start. I’m now speaking a language people can understand. It’s in English—and that's a big improvement.”

- One of the U.S. Navy’s most senior lawyers (retired)

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You are my Marie Kondo

“​I do want to compliment you on doing a really great job on my CV, CV addendum, and LinkedIn. It’s been so great to have your broader perspective. You are my Marie Kondo—you’ve really decluttered my long, varied career history. This has been incredible and I’ve really appreciated your help in bringing me into the modern age. And if you ever need a review let me know.”

- Former judge and former counsel to the governor

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It was a joy

“Beautiful. Your strategy makes a lot of sense. The new résumé talks more much about the transferrable skills, rather than wasting time on stuff that just doesn’t matter. This is amazing. Thank you for helping me articulate things running around in my brain that I didn’t have the right words for. It was a joy watching it happen.”

- Compliance and risk management attorney

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Yay me!

“I feel like I was hitting a wall with this résumé. I had it professionally done before, but it just didn’t work for me and I didn’t like the style. I think I look great now. Yay me! This session has been so great. Just to be able to be talk through my work has given me a lot of confidence.”

- Award-winning legal reporter

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