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The quality of your work is fantastic.

“​The master CV was great—crisp, nice flow, easy to read, and easy on the eye. My career has been a hodge-podge, but you’ve made sense of a really diverse career and the CV presents and positions me well. The quality of your work is fantastic.”

- Former judge and AmLaw 100 partner

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This is a great job for me

“Hi, Shauna, I wanted to circle back and give you an update. Last Friday, I got a job offer from [university] to work in their legal department for the office of the president. This is a great job for me and one that I really wanted. Thanks for all your help. I think the new résumé and just the basic encouragement to keep following up and staying positive really helped... I think this is really the best match possible for me and I’m excited to start. Thanks again.”

- Senior litigator and risk management attorney

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Every word has value.

“I’ve got to tell you, I like the career portfolio [CV, CV addendum, and cover letter] a lot. I’m pleased with all of it. I like the structure. I like the way you broke the information up and used bullets, and I like your wording. The CV has impact from the first page. And I can see you really did your homework. I don’t know how you did it, but you worked it! Every word has value. Trying to do it myself was a fool’s errand.

The cover letter is also a really, really helpful tool that I will be able to build on for future applications. It sets out a structure and lets me know how and where to add information for different job applications.

And I already got great feedback from the retained recruiter. You did everything I needed and I’m in a really good place.”

- One of the nation’s highest-ranking military lawyers

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a very actionable framework

“​This is a great framework. It’s a very actionable framework. It’s technically sound and makes all the sense of the world. I appreciate having a process that’s not overwhelming and will help me start to narrow down my options so that I can start to make a decision instead of just floundering around. This is very helpful.”

- Government attorney and retired Naval officer exploring private sector options

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From 0 interviews to job offer

“I truly do not think I would have been able to spin my two years post-law school anywhere near effectively as Shauna was able to. Thank you and it was well worth every penny and has already paid for itself.

I had been applying to the same two agencies in DC since August 2016. I had received 0 interviews.

After having Shauna do my résumé rewrite, I resumed my job search at the end of April 2018. I applied back to the agency that was at the top of my list and had an interview in June... however, they had an internal candidate. I had applied for another position in the agency, had a phone interview two days later, and accepted an offer yesterday. I start my new job [date].”

- Government litigator

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