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I’ve done a lot of stuff!

"I’m realizing that I’ve done a lot of stuff! Talking to you has helped me understand how I can do a better of translating my government experience to the private sector. I’m really glad we had these conversations. Your framing of things has really helped me a lot and it’s been great to watch you work.”

- Senior generalist moving from government to start-ups

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Career Services told me there was nothing I could do

“This much a better plan than what I had before! When I talked to Career Services, they basically told me there was nothing I could do to look for a job while I wait for the bar exam results. But you’ve already outlined a lot of logical things I could be doing to be a better candidate and look for a job. And that makes so much more sense to me, because doing nothing but sitting around makes *no* sense.”

- Recent law school graduate

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it flows more naturally

“Both the résumé and cover letter tell my story with a better approach and bring in my backstory. The way everything’s structured seems to flow a lot better now. I *love* what you did to edit my cover letter. It’s like the story I had, but it flows more naturally and it’s just laid out beautifully. It’s not as choppy anymore; it's just very smooth.​”

- Federal judicial clerk starting job search

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I’m kicking myself

“I’m kicking myself because I feel like this is something I should have done a long time ago. I just get such anxiety thinking about my résumé and looking for a job. It’s so helpful to finally get this done. Just talking through all this has been helpful. Even the way you’ve set the résumé and cover letter up, and the way you’re describing what I’ve done, it’s just something I would never have thought of. Thank you so much.”

- Associate Attorney General

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I agree with everything you just said

“I agree with everything you just said. I used to do hiring for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and I reviewed thousands of résumés. And I can’t believe that I’ve made the very same mistakes on my own résumé.”

- Former federal prosecutor now in corporate investigations and compliance

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