It worked!

“Hi Shauna, It worked! I sent my new résumé to a prospective employer the day after we did the live edit session back at the end of August. It was a bit of an interview process, but I got an offer earlier this week, and, after some negotiation, accepted this morning. Base salary is up 30% - and I will be doing work that is far more interesting to me than eDiscovery! Thanks again for everything!”

- Corporate counsel transitioning in-house after feeling trapped on eDiscovery track

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very uplifting for me personally

“This is wonderful. It’s exactly what I needed to hear and was looking for. I know what to start doing next. This feels like it’s been the fastest hour I’ve ever spent talking to someone; I have nearly 10 pages of notes. And it’s very uplifting for me personally—you've made me feel like there’s a wealth of opportunities I can choose from instead of just being locked into a track.”

- Mid-level attorney exploring career options that leverage eDiscovery experience

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This is your calling.

“Shauna, I’m already happy. You had me at hello. What I’m getting out of this process is not just a great document. It’s advice. It’s career strategy. When you’re looking for a job and not being successful, you start to second-guess yourself, your career, and your choices. But what you’ve drawn out of me is that I’ve actually had a pretty damn good career and done a pretty damn good job. I have things to be proud of. You’ve made me realize that. And you’ve given me more confidence. What you’ve done... from a mental perspective, I’m so much better. This is your calling. I’m very impressed and I’m so happy.”

- Technology counsel

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rewarding, empowering, and enjoyable

“You make perfect sense. It couldn’t be clearer. I cannot thank you enough. I’m kicking myself for not calling you earlier in my career and my job search. And thank you for not pulling your punches. I appreciate your honesty. This was a really rewarding, empowering, and enjoyable experience.”

- Financial services litigator moving into corporate legal roles

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I received a call to interview this morning!

“I finally have an interview in [City] with the Office of the Attorney General. I have been applying consistently when positions open within my area of expertise. This was my first application since the résumé rewrite and I received a call to interview this morning! I just want to thank Shauna for her assistance.”

- Prosecutor relocating to another jurisdiction

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I’m feeling so less anxious than I was just a couple of days ago.

“You have a very impressive résumé. I knew I wanted to work with you, and I was right! I’m relieved and thankful and appreciative for your work on my résumé. I’m feeling so less anxious than I was just a couple of days ago. I’m appreciating visually how much better this résumé is and I think you're getting good insight into—and communicating—the types of things I’ve been doing.”

- Law firm partner moving in-house

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For the first time, my spouse understands what I do.

“I feel much better about where I am. I really tried to take to heart what you said about less technical and Navy jargon, and more plain English and relatability. Before my résumé didn't have a clue. Now people can read it, and it makes sense. For the first time, my spouse understands what I do.”

- Second-career lawyer

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