Networking Cards for Lawyers and Law Students

Networking Cards for Lawyers and Law Students


A 30-Minute Investment That Enables You to Market Yourself and Network Effectively by Shauna C. Bryce, Esq.

About the Author

Shauna C. Bryce is a graduate of Harvard Law School with 20 years in law and legal careers. She works with lawyers at all levels—from law students to executive-level attorneys in Global 100 law firms and multibillion-dollar businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Her advice column, Ask the Hiring Attorney®, was originally published by Bloomberg Law and is now reprinted by the American Bar Association. She’s the author of several books and Bryce Legal® Career Advice for Lawyers blog, 

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Did you know networking is the most successful way...

to find your next position, find career building opportunities, start building a client base, and more?

The place to start networking is with people you already know. But one of the keys to successful networking is expanding that circle. Social media can be a great networking tool to help you meet new people. Even so, you’ll also need to get away from your computer so you can meet and connect with new people at live, in-person events. Some people—including lawyers!—find these events intimidating.

And that’s where networking cards can help.

Whether you call them “networking business cards,” “resume cards,” “student business cards,” or just “business cards,” these are powerful tools to help junior attorneys and law school students self-market, identify their unique value proposition, and network in-person.

Define and Promote the Business of You

Networking Cards is a concise resource that explains the theory behind effective networking cards and gives you step-by-step instructions to implement that theory in real life situations. You will learn to:

  • Think differently about yourself. Creating your networking card forces you to concentrate on what you offer employers—your most important qualifications—and distill them into as few words as possible.

  • Practice essential career and business development skills. Many attorneys and law school are uncomfortable walking into a crowded convention hall, introducing themselves to strangers, striking up a conversation, and exchanging business cards. Exchanging cards helps you practice and get comfortable with networking.

Shauna has turned a seemingly trivial concept—networking cards—into a highly instructive volume for networking in general. I’ve considered myself a lifelong, naturally born networker, and I still took away a pile of new ideas for my clients and myself. Absolutely worth the investment. - Jared Redick, Executive Résumé Writer, The Résumé Studio.