Top 25 Most-Read Legal Career Articles of 2015

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9. Top 10 Questions About Legal Resumes From Junior Attorneys and Law Students

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11. When Does "Loyalty" Really "Mean Lack of Ambition"?

12. Discrimination Against Those with Disabilities Larger Than Thought

13. Guess What? Your Nemesis May Be Right

14. Please Do Not Put That You Worked at Denny's On Your LinkedIn Profile

15. 3 Ways to Get Rid of Digital Dirt in Internet Searches

16. Hot Practice Areas For 2016/2017?

17. 3 Reasons To Use a Clean Email Address For Your Job Search

18. Choosing a Path You Can Convince Yourself is Right

19. Is LinkedIn Losing Its Luster For Lawyers? Top 10 Reasons For Attorneys To Be on LinkedIn

20. Little White Lies: Upgrading Your Job Title

21. Turning eDiscovery From a Temp Job Into a Permanent Legal Career

22. 5 Common LinkedIn Mistakes

23. The Future of Corporate Legal Work

24. Should You Accept a Counteroffer?

25. Are You Tough or Toxic?