What Does Leadership Mean for Lawyers?


What are the characteristics of a good legal leader? How are those characteristics demonstrated, particularly in during the job search and interview process? How does a lawyer become a good leader?

Partner at global legal and executive search firm Major, Lindsey & Africa Deborah Ben-Canaan gives her perspective, as a lawyer turned top legal recruiter, on what it means for an attorney to be a leader in a three-part article, Defining Leadership.

Building leadership--and how to demonstrate it in LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and interviews--is a topic I discuss with my one-on-one clients and with groups regularly so I was very happy to see how Ben-Canaan explains what some specific character and behavioral traits of good leaders are--like self-awareness--and why these traits matter. She also explains how attorneys can work on building those traits, and why not every lawyer actually needs them. 

Defining Leadership Part 1

Defining Leadership Part 2

Defining Leadership Part 3