Looking for an LSAT, Law School, or Bar Exam Tutor?

I recently met Sumita Dalal, a criminal defense lawyer who put in nearly ten years as a trial lawyer in the LA Public Defender's Office. Dalal is also the founder of FindMyLawTutor.com

Basically, Find My Law Tutor was launched a few years ago as a huge database of tutors for LSAT exam, law school classes, and bar exams around the country. Dalal was kind enough to give me a backstage pass to check it out.

It's an inexpensive paid service that helps students and bar exam candidates research and select a tutor that best meets their individual needs. Members can search for tutors by course, learning experience, location, and name:

Other subscription benefits include a forum, a selection of podcasts with a variety of experts including Ian E. Scott of Law School Lowdown (which I read as a reviewer for Barron's), and a shop with outlines and other study materials. 

Getting into the top law school that meets your needs, doing well, and passing the bar are all obviously critical to making the most of your legal career! You don't have to go it alone. Whether you use FindMyLawTutor.com or some other method, know that there's help out there, just waiting for you!