Why New Lawyers are Costly Hires


Why are law firms so picky about hiring new associates? Because of the learning gap between law school classroom and law firm practice, law firms must spend on average $19,000 a year to train each new associate to actually practice law. When you're applying to work at a law firm, then, your resume needs to demonstrate why you're worthy of this kind of investment.

LexisNexis's white paper "Hiring partners reveal new attorney readiness for real world practice" shows it in one graphic.

The survey was of 300 hiring partners and senior associates in small to large U.S. law firms. The purpose of the study, conducted by 5 Square Research Inc. on LexisNexis's behalf, was "to conduct a quantitative study to determine what specific skills or experience in the area of legal research, writing and transactional work, law firms most desire in new associates."