8 Reasons Lawyers Resist Networking – And How To Get Over It

I'm very excited to have collaborated with Chelsea Callanan of Happy Go Legal, which helps lawyers find career and life balance, on "8 reasons why lawyers resist effective networking – get over it and show your true value" Here's an excerpt:

In today’s job market, many law students and lawyers are frustrated looking for jobs by just sending out resumes and cover letters. It can be overwhelming and mysterious to think about how you can stand out and make your application rise to the top of the pile. Whether applying for a firm job, clerkship, or in-house position, the employer reviewing your materials is running a business.

There are two sides to the story of hiring, from both the employer and candidate perspective.  Switch hats and think about what a potential employer is considering when looking at a sea of candidates.

Shauna Bryce, the author of How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students, and creator of the membership website under the same name, has gathered knowledge through researching and connecting with numerous hiring partners at firms across the nation.  This former BigLaw attorney had great success in the legal field, but has now shifted to share her knowledge with the masses of law students and lawyers throwing their hats in the rings for jobs.

Today, Shauna shares her thoughts with us on two important topics: 1) what is going through a hiring partner’s mind when considering taking on a new hire and 2) how to overcome resistance to networking as an integral part of your job search and career planning.

You can read the whole story at Happy Go Legal.