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amazing guidance

“Hi Julie, Thank you so much for talking with us today. You’re an awesome teacher and consultant! My daughter felt so much better after consulting with you. I think our meeting today with you will be one of those pinnacle moments she’ll remember in her college and professional years. Thank you again. You provided her with amazing guidance!! She was so excited and said 'I didn’t realize there were so many ways I could use law and how important law was.’”

- Parent of aspiring lawyer

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a very actionable framework

“​This is a great framework. It’s a very actionable framework. It’s technically sound and makes all the sense of the world. I appreciate having a process that’s not overwhelming and will help me start to narrow down my options so that I can start to make a decision instead of just floundering around. This is very helpful.”

- Government attorney and retired Naval officer exploring private sector options

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very uplifting for me personally

“This is wonderful. It’s exactly what I needed to hear and was looking for. I know what to start doing next. This feels like it’s been the fastest hour I’ve ever spent talking to someone; I have nearly 10 pages of notes. And it’s very uplifting for me personally—you've made me feel like there’s a wealth of opportunities I can choose from instead of just being locked into a track.”

- Mid-level attorney exploring career options that leverage eDiscovery experience

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I would love to continue working with you

“Shauna, Thank you so much for the call today and your insight. This [follow up] email is also very helpful. I would love to continue working with you to revamp my résumé. Thank you again for your time today.”

- Law firm litigator exploring government and in-house options

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helpful, educational, and eye-opening

“I now understand why I haven't been getting as many hits on my résumé as I had hoped. You've given a lot of food for thought. I feel like so much of the time, it's just the blind leading the blind. This has been so helpful, educational, and eye-opening.”

- Senior-level consumer finance attorney

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I’m grateful for your valuable insight

“Hi Shauna, Thank you again for taking the time to review my materials and speak with me today. I’m grateful for your valuable insight on how I can move forward, and I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress.”

- Recent law school graduate exploring U.S. and international market options

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ideas for meeting people and building thought leadership

“These ideas for meeting people and building thought leadership are really great. I especially appreciate the scripts for networking. This goes with my career development plan—whether I stay with my current employer or move.”

- Senior assistant general counsel and division general counsel for Fortune 500

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