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I love the job

“Hi Shauna, I wanted to let you know that I started at [hotel and resort company] at the end of [month] and I love the job. Working with you on my résumé was extremely helpful, and I’ve recommended you to several of my friends, and even to my husband. Thank you.”

- Corporate generalist returning to industry and full-time work after 10+ years

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From 0 interviews to job offer

“I truly do not think I would have been able to spin my two years post-law school anywhere near effectively as Shauna was able to. Thank you and it was well worth every penny and has already paid for itself.

I had been applying to the same two agencies in DC since August 2016. I had received 0 interviews.

After having Shauna do my résumé rewrite, I resumed my job search at the end of April 2018. I applied back to the agency that was at the top of my list and had an interview in June... however, they had an internal candidate. I had applied for another position in the agency, had a phone interview two days later, and accepted an offer yesterday. I start my new job [date].”

- Government litigator

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It worked!

“Hi Shauna, It worked! I sent my new résumé to a prospective employer the day after we did the live edit session back at the end of August. It was a bit of an interview process, but I got an offer earlier this week, and, after some negotiation, accepted this morning. Base salary is up 30% - and I will be doing work that is far more interesting to me than eDiscovery! Thanks again for everything!”

- Corporate counsel transitioning in-house after feeling trapped on eDiscovery track

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very uplifting for me personally

“This is wonderful. It’s exactly what I needed to hear and was looking for. I know what to start doing next. This feels like it’s been the fastest hour I’ve ever spent talking to someone; I have nearly 10 pages of notes. And it’s very uplifting for me personally—you've made me feel like there’s a wealth of opportunities I can choose from instead of just being locked into a track.”

- Mid-level attorney exploring career options that leverage eDiscovery experience

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