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Choose between two tracks of custom professional résumé writing.

All of our résumé projects are planned and executed individually, with considerable thought given to the peculiarities and demands of the modern legal hiring market. You choose which résumé writing track you’d like to use to create your documents. To better help you understand the differences, let’s start with what they have in common.

Commonalities Between the Two Writing Tracks

All services and consultations are provided remotely, allowing us to work easily with clients around the country and the world. In either case, you benefit in many ways. We aim to be:

  • A partner in building strategies for successful transitions
  • A fresh perspective on your technical skills, experiences, and career
  • A sounding board for your concerns and a resource to develop practical, actionable plans to move forward

Our work together will focus on moving your career to where you want it to go, rather than locking you onto your current trajectory. Our collaboration lets us help clients think through their careers, including re-discovering experiences they hadn’t realized could be relevant to their target employers and so had left off their self-written resumes. We also look at older or transferable skills, re-framing those skills to highlight their relevancy now. As added bonuses, many clients find the process builds their confidence and prepares them for job interviews. However, any résumé is a manifestation of the process used to create it.

On-Demand Writing

Through the Résumé Cram offerings, you can get an expert critique of your existing résumé and edit at same time.

This can be a great option for those who need a quick turnaround, a more straight-forward story, or who already have a solid résumé.

On-demand writing services are fast and performed at hourly rates. We often have same-week or next-week availability for appointments. 

As a bonus, we’ve found lawyers can save 50 to 75% by using the on-demand writing track rather than the bespoke writing track.

Bespoke Writing

This longer, deep dive option can be a great choice for lawyers at (or aspiring to) executive-level positions such as chief legal officer (CLO), general counsel, law firm partner, judge, executive director, and division heads. This is can also a great choice for lawyers concerned about professional branding and positioning for a shifting marketplace, or those with a complex career narrative.

Bespoke projects take many hours of effort. Clients going through the full, from-scratch bespoke process will necessarily have an even more in-depth experience, which their end-product will reflect. From time of initial payment, there’s usually at least a two-week wait to start, and we ask that clients plan for 30 to 45 days from that start to finish. This gives us a lot of time together, as well as time to mull over branding and positioning.

Individualized pricing is determined by project complexity, with seniority, relevant experience (legal and non-legal), number of positions, job target, and similar factors all playing a role.