Shauna is a consummate professional

“Shauna is a consummate professional, and her incredibly relevant background coupled with the genuine care and commitment she shows her clients really sets her apart from others in her field. We worked together when I was the Director of Professional Personnel at a major law firm where Shauna was an attorney, and I was very fortunate to have her on my hiring committee. I could always rely on her for thoughtful analysis and excellent judgment, and of course, her incredible people skills. The insight she gained as an “insider” to the hiring process gives her a truly unique perspective, and is of great benefit to her clients. In this very competitive attorney job market, it is imperative to find a way to stand out in the crowd. Shauna helps her clients do just that, by providing expert guidance and helping them craft professional, highly effective résumés and marketing materials. I would highly recommend her services to attorneys at all levels, from the newly-minted JD to the seasoned practitioner.”

- Dina F. Cappuccio, Esq., Principal, Advocate Legal

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spot on

“As a double large law firm survivor, former legal recruiter and executive coach, I find Ms. Bryce’s advice to be spot on.” 

- Brooke Goldfarb, President, Peaceful Beach Mediation & Collaboration, Inc.

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She nails what is relevant

“Shauna’s ability to cover tough topics shows that she really understands what is going through the minds of job candidates and applicants… She nails what is relevant, and pulls together great information for you to help make an educated decision about your questions.”

- Chelsea Callanan, Esq., Of Counsel, Opticliff Law and serial entrepreneur

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there is only one expert I recommend

“Whenever I receive a request from an attorney for a résumé revision, there is only one expert I recommend, Shauna Bryce. In addition to her stellar background as a Harvard educated lawyer, she has insider intel on the hiring practices of law firms, giving her clients the competitive edge in their job search. I highly recommend her legal résumé services.”

- August Cohen, Executive Résumé Writer

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I don’t know anyone who is more qualified than Shauna.

“Articulate, intelligent, and strategic are the first three words that come to my mind when I think about Shauna. She is, after all, a Harvard-educated attorney, but she’s more than just that. She’s an elegant writer, a trustworthy adviser, a reliable task-master, and someone who is very easy to work with, and I know because we worked together for two full years [on the board of The National Résumé Writers’ Association]. She knows her stuff, walks her talk, and whatever you ask her to do gets done brilliantly. And when it comes to writing legal résumés, I don’t know anyone who is more qualified than Shauna.” 

- Robyn Feldberg, Executive Résumé Writer and LinkedIn Bio Writer

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Shauna goes straight to the heart of what will make a client successful.

“Shauna Bryce’s legal résumé writing and career coaching work is uniquely informed in a world that is competent in its own right. Her perspective across legal hiring is broad and deep, and she doesn’t waste time stroking egos. Shauna goes straight to the heart of what will make a client successful.
As the legal world contracts and career competition tightens, it’s smart to have Shauna in your corner.”

- Jared Redick, Executive Résumé Writer, Career Transition Coach, Speaker, Trainer

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