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What about other branding and marketing documents I might need?

We’ve helped lawyers with web copy, marketing copy, and other documents. Let us know what you need, and we’ll work together to make it happen.

I am grateful for undergoing this process, and very much appreciate the results from having done so. Your services are the best investment I could have made in myself at this time.
— Securities litigation case manager

When hiring a legal résumé writer or career coach, does “fit” matter?

In most cases, yes. Over the years, we’ve learned “fit” is a combination of two things: technical expertise and work style. Our process is collaborative and built on trust. It can be intense and personal, and some of our client relationships last for years. While many incoming clients find us through a simple internet search, a significant percentage of new projects are referrals by current or past clients, referrals by career and hiring experts, or returning clients making another career transition.

No one is the best résumé writer or best career coach for every person. To offer you options, Bryce Legal has assembled a team of true experts in legal hiring and legal careers. Should none of us be a good fit for you, we can introduce you to a referral partner who might better be able to assist.

Are you legal recruiters? Can you place me in a job?

Bryce Legal is a career portfolio writing, career coaching, and career development firm. We coach lawyers throughout the job search process, from getting the job search started and preparing for job interviews to evaluating offers and negotiating salary.

Additionally, over the years, we have developed relationships with legal recruiters and executive recruiters (both retained and contingency), and they have referred top candidates to Bryce Legal so that we can create a suite of career documents that empowers recruiters to advocate for those lawyers. Recruiters have also contacted us to let us know of their openings so we can refer clients to them. 

However, we not a legal recruiting firm or a legal search firm. We are not headhunters and we do not handle any lawyer placement, whether lateral attorney placement, in-house attorney placement, or temporary attorney (contract attorney) placement.

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