Looking for a Legal Job Outside the U.S.?

*Updated 2017-07-10

As the practice of law becomes increasingly multinational, doing an international stint can be a fantastic opportunity for career and personal growth. How do lawyers look for jobs overseas? Of course, once place to look is to employers’ own websites and the major job boards like Indeed and Monster, but here are some major international job boards that will give you a good sense of what types of roles are being offered where, and at what salaries. Don’t forget that the usual caveats about job boards apply here, as do the usual tips about how to use job boards as research tools.

  • 51Job.com: A Chinese-language site for jobs in China.

  • Bayt: An English-language site for jobs in the Persian Gulf and Middle East.

  • Big4 Careers: An English-language global site for “candidates who are currently working for Big 4, Group A, boutiques and independents as well as those who trained in such firms and have since migrated into Banking, Industry, Commerce and Consultancy or into the Public, Not for Profit and Regulatory sectors. Invariably these candidates will hold a professional qualification relevant to their discipline such as ACA, ACCA, CA, CPA, CISA, IIA, CIA, JIEB, CPI, CTA, ATT, MBA.”

  • CareerOne: An English-language site for legal jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Job Space: An English-language site for legal jobs in South Africa.

  • Laborum: A Spanish-language site for legal jobs in Latin America.

  • Legal Embassy: An English-language site for legal jobs in Canada.

Bonus for foreign-trained lawyers moving into the U.S. legal market: If you’re a Japanese speaker looking for jobs in the U.S., you might want to check out Jobba.net.