Notes to Your 1L Self

What would you do with a time machine? Stanford Law School students and alum rundown tips they would give their 1L selves:

  • Calm down. You can't learn everything. Focus on the big themes. (Grace Chuchla)

  • Take advantage of the accessibility of law school faculty. (Adam Arguelles)

  • Maximize academic, community, and social experience of law school to stay well rounded. (Haley Horton)

  • Build relationships. Don't be afraid to change your mind about what you want to do with your legal career. (David Sapp, director of education advocacy and legal counsel at the ACLU of Southern Califnoria)

  • Take the opportunity to explore in externships, internships, classes, and more to find out what you really enjoy. (Patti Zettler, associate professor at Georgia State University College of Law)

  • Take avantage of chances to explore the law school and university to find even more opportunities. (Clifford Mpare)