Gender Bias in the Workplace Cuts More Ways Than One


Duane Morris partner Jonathan A. Segal warns that well intended efforts to reverse the effects of discrimination against women in the workplace risk discriminating against men. His article in SHRM'S HR Magazine, "How Gender Bias Hurts Men: Make sure you’re not fighting bias against women by discriminating against men" discusses how favoring women, "positive" stereotyping, and typecasting play out in hiring, promotions, and work/life balance initiatives and result in double-standards that hurt both men and women and can lead to litigation. Unconscious (or conscious) bias that most women are familiar with can impact men negatively as well: 

It's easy to spot these bias when you're on the job candidate side of the hiring table. But most lawyers will eventually find themselves on the other side of the hiring table, as hiring attorneys or supervising attorneys. Segal has advice for those who have made that transition: