Legal Career Opportunities in Streamlining Corporate Operations

PwC's 2015 Global Operations Survey of over 1,200 Chief Operations Officers (COOs) and other operations executives showed companies are "re-imaginging operations" to align them more effectively with overall business strategies and goals. Most leaders surveyed were concerned about anticipating the changing expectations and needs of consumers. After all, it's difficult to demonstrate you create value for consumers if consumers' goals are constantly changing! 

As companies struggle with operating strategies, including determining which operating capabilities should be siloed and which should be integrated, there are plenty of ways for the corporate legal department and its lawyers to support the process. Processes need to be efficient from an operations and consumer perspective, but they also need to be efficient from a legal and risk perspective.

As we discussed when looking at the investment companies are making in cybersecurity, modernization, streamlining, and re-focusing operations inherently involves legal and law-related issues. Both in-house counsel and law firm attorneys are heavily involved in developing best practices, internal corporate policies, and risk assessments. Lawyers are also ensure corporate compliance with state and federal laws, international laws and treaties, and laws of jurisdictions like China or the E.U. 

If you like cross-disciplinary legal work, then perhaps this is it!