Is Your Posture Costing You Opportunities?

Classic 2012 TEDGlobal Talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy talks about non-verbal behavior, specifically body language, and what it communicates. Lest you think it's a nonsense and fluff, consider that perceptions of body language can predict political elections, lawsuits, and higher compensation. Now an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School (HBS) in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit, Cuddy's academic focus is on power and dominance.

Some key ideas from her presentation that work well for lawyers:

  • It is possible to "fake it 'til you become it." If you behave as if you're happy or powerful (or the opposite!), then you will feel that way.

  • People who feel powerful are also more confident and risk tolerant.

  • Powerful leaders are more than dominant; they're also laid back and react well to stress.

  • A mentor is invaluable.

Adopting high power postures for even two minutes can change your physiology. Those who've adopted high power postures are evaluated to be confident, passionate, enthusiastic, authentic, comfortable, and captivating in mock job interview situations. Good to think about, whether you're preparing for job interviews or whether you're linking about overall career development and business development!