How to Prepare for a Video Job Interview


Many employers -- even law firms and corporate legal departments -- are moving toward telephone screening interviews and video interviews for the first round in hiring. It's easy to see why: telephone and video interviews save money and time. Plus, they're easier for both sides!

But as we've increased the numbers of these virtual job interviews, job candidates are having to learn how to adapt. Telephone and video interview present some very different challenges compared to in-person job interviews.

PGi's "Online Interview Infographic: Body Language Secrets for Recruiters and Job Seekers" gives great tips about preparing for these types of interviews. I suspect the numbers have changed (the infographic is from 2013), but the principles are the same. One of my biggest tips: set up your equipment and room the day before. Test everything -- including your outfit, the lighting, the camera height and angle, and the backdrop -- so that you're confident and ready to go.

PGI-online-job-interview-infographic (1)

PGI-online-job-interview-infographic (1)

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