Are Law Schools Setting Students Up for Failure?


If you're considering law school -- or know someone who is -- then read Law School Transparency's "2015 State of Legal Education: An in-depth look into law school admissions choices." 

The must-read goes into the on-going problem of law schools' accountability to students, alumni, and society as law schools make up rapidly declining enrollment numbers by admitting high risk students. Those high risk students pay a premium to attend law school, often taking out huge student loans but are far less likely to pass the bar or secure employment as a lawyer (or even secure JD-perferred positions). 

Going to law school is a serious economic decision. It's time we all treated it that way. To prospective law students: Just because a law school grants you admission - and gives you loans - doesn't mean law school is the best financial or life decision for you. Think long and hard before you sign up.