Attitude on Rehiring Boomerang Workers Changing


As a boomerang lawyer myself , I was immediately interested in SHRM’s Talent Acquisition editor Roy Maurer interview of Dave Almeda, chief people officer at global workforce management company Kronos, in the article “Attitude on Rehiring Boomerang Workers Changing.” The interview follows up on recent national survey on boomerang employees, commissioned by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and

Almeda is also a boomerang employee, and talks about the benefits and drawbacks of hiring boomerang workers. The interview provides many insights of employers' perspectives on hiring boomerangs. So if you're considering a return to your law firm or corporate legal department, it's worth reading through to understand what the hiring attorneys, law firm partners, general counsel, or others may be thinking when they receive the resume of a lawyer trying to return.

Almeda points out, not surprisingly, that "[b]eing a top performer is typically a prerequisite for any boomerang." Beyond that, you'll want to help the attorneys see the benefits of bringing you "back home":