Once Again, Networking And LinkedIn Trump Job Ads


Yet another survey backs up what I've been teaching for years. Enough with the job ads. If you really want to make progress on your job search, you need two things: a strong professional network (both within and outside the legal industry) and a strong LinkedIn profile. 

The most recent survey is from Futurestep, a subsidiary of the global staffing, recruiting, and talent solutions firm Korn Ferry. In their August 2015 survey of some 500 executives, 52% said they look to their own professional networks to source candidates. Futurestep Managing Director of Global Operations Vic Khan called professional networks "critical," and they are--for both employers and candidates.

So--once again--if your sole or primary method of job hunting is surfing job boards, then you are missing out on the vast majority of opportunities. And those opportunities are being snatched up by lawyers who are out there building professional relationships and creating robust LinkedIn profiles that help them get found by legal recruiters and employers.