LGBT Lawyers Going Abroad? Work With HR To Stay Safe


In the wake of key civil rights victories here at home, it's easy to pretend the rest of the world has made similar (or more) progress. It hasn't. And even where LGBT civil rights are recognized by law, those same rights may not be respected by the society or individuals. This is, in a very literal sense, a matter of life or death.

Both legal employer and lawyers should be aware of the risks LGBT attorneys and their families may be subject to as part of overseas assignments. Roy Maurer, an online editor/manager for SHRM, and author of "Keeping Your LGBT Employees Safe Overseas," interviewed Mike Kelly, CEO of On Call International, about ways HR departments can help LGBT employees on travel assignments.

Kelly has additional key recommendations for LGBT travelers, so check them out. Resources--available even to LGBT attorneys who do not feel comfortable asking their HR departments for assistance--include:

Spread the word to stay safe and to help family, friends, colleagues, and employees stay safe!