6.8% of Americans are Narcissists. What are They Doing to Corporate Culture?

What exactly is narcissism? According to forensic psychiatrist Michael Farnsworth and employment lawyer V. John Ella in "The Legal Consequences of Hiring Narcissists: An employee with a big ego can come at a high cost":

Why, yes! It does sound an awful like lawyers I've known. In fact, I'd bet most experienced attorneys have run into someone who meets this description. Although the overall prevalence for narcissism is 6.2% (men, 7.7%;  women, 4.8%), I'm sure many of us suspect that incidence is higher in professions like law.

But narcissistic employees aren't just bad law partners or colleagues; they're also bad employees who can be disruptive and vindictive toward the law firm itself when, as is almost inevitable, disputes crop up. So if you're on your law firm's hiring committee or a hiring attorney, what can you do to help keep narcissistic lawyers from destroying the positive corporate culture you're working so hard to build and to use to recruit (and keep!) top talent?

And if *you* are the one who's narcissistic, know that your time may be limited: employers are looking beyond revenues and taking into account the whole person when filling their top slots.