Lawyer Leadership Tip: Say Thanks


Here's your daily dose of disconnect:

  • 80% of Americans agree that receiving gratitude makes them work harder.

  • 10% of Americans actually express gratitude daily.

As reported in Janice Kaplan's "It Pays to Give Thanks at the Office: It’s rare to find gratitude around the workplace, but appreciation is an even better motivator than money" appearing in the Wall Street Journal, studies show a genuine "thank you" is more important than financial incentives. 

I know a litigator's whose legal assistance once commented to him, "You're the only person around here who says 'thanks.'" Sad? Yes. Common? Yes. I'm sure most lawyers work in environments like the ones I did, where a genuine "thank you" was more rare than a purple unicorn.

So if you want to be memorable and build goodwill among the lawyers and legal staff you supervise, try just two strategies: be nice and say thank you.