Ediscovery should be Part of Every Lawyer's Toolkit -- But it's Not.


Just how important is knowledge of ediscovery issues for attorneys? 

Sharon Nelson and John Simmer's recent guest on Digital Detectives, part of the Legal Talk Network, was the Hon. John Facciola, U.S.M.J. (retired) of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and now an adjunct profession at Georgetown Law

Judge Facciola wrote more than 700 opinions, many of which shaped e-discovery as well as the impact of IT on Fourth Amendment issues. According to Judge Facicola, ediscovery should be in every lawyer's toolkit, but it won't be anytime soon. Those lawyers who really understand  it are destined to leave who don't in the dust.

Hear Judge Facciola's interview or read the transcript at  "E-Discovery Reflections from Retired Magistrate Judge John Facciola " to learn more about why ediscovery and IT issues could be critical to your career success.