Lost access to your LinkedIn account after changing jobs?


First let me say, do not use your employer's email address for your LinkedIn (or other) accounts. Just don't. If you do, then your employer can -- at any time and without warning -- cut you off from that account. That means you'll also be cut off from all the connections you've built up. And it means that when people try to find you on LinkedIn, they may have to wade through two or three inactive accounts to find the right one, or perhaps they'll just send you messages that you'll never receive.

So if you're using your law firm or company email address with your LinkedIn account, change it. Right now. Go in and change it to a personal email address that you control. And then please don't give your employer that email address and password, or you're potentially right back in the same boat.

But if you didn't do all this and you now find yourself with duplicate or inactive accounts, or accounts you can no longer access, then here are two links that might help:

          No access to email address

          Duplicate accounts

Then, seriously -- change your email address and password.