Evolving Role of General Counsel


Successful in-house attorneys have to be increasingly business savvy and remember their company is their primary charge. Inside Counsel's keynote panel, "General Counsel Panel: Trends, Challenges and Leadership,” at its annual SuperConference talked about how the role of general counsel has changed over time. Panelists included Timothy Donovan, GC of Caesars Entertainment; Matthew Broad, former GC of OfficeMax; and James Rogers, current GC of Orbitz. Bill Ford, a partner at Kansas City-based law firm Lathrop & Gage, moderated.

8 The panelists mentioned other critical job skills like team building, succession planning, and communication. And these skills don't come to lawyers overnight.

9 Rogers also gave some insight into being successful outside counsel: you must work well with the company. That's more important than price.

What does this mean to you? If you're planning on moving up in your company or shifting to a corporate legal department, then you need to learn the business and demonstrate — on your resume and other career portfolio documents, in your job interview, and on the job — that you have what it takes to be in-house or outside counsel.

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