Inside View of How Employment Lawyers are Helping Employers Comply with Workplace Issues Related to Gender Identity


Caitlyn Jenner's debut has brought a lot of attention to gender identity. It's also an employment law area that's quickly changing. And regardless of whether you think it's changing too much, not fast enough, or just about right... well, it's still changing. This is also a great career development opportunity for employment lawyers -- learning about these issues let's you offer more value to corporate clients trying to adjust to these legal, ethical, and societal changes. In Inside Counsel's "Out at work: When your employee Bruce becomes Caitlyn: Employment law related to transgender employees is evolving even faster than societal norms" Nonnie Shivers, a shareholder in the Phoenix office of the law firm Ogletree Deakins, offers a look on these changes and how employment lawyers can help their clients make the transition in a proactive and positive way--rather than in reaction to OSHA and EEOC complaints.