How should lawyers market themselves to clients? Find out from potential clients.


If you’re a private sector lawyer (or making a move into the private sector), then your career success may depend upon attracting paying clients. And if you want to attract paying clients, you’ll need to know what they look for in an attorney. What are their experiences, biases, and perceptions about lawyers?

Legal staffing and recruiting firm Special Counsel recently conducted a “Legal Professionals Perceptions Survey” of over 1,000 people — potentially your next clients —  about their views and experiences with legal professionals.

Among their seven key findings is some good news: “Lawyers and those in the legal profession are described as smart, tough and trustworthy”. However:

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And here’s some information to think about when putting together your LinkedIn profile, your resume, and your marketing material.

Some bad news for single lawyers: most people would rather date a doctor.

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