Bryce Legal’s Calendar Is Switching To vCita

For the last few years, I've relied on TimeTrade to schedule client appointments. The benefits are many; for example, clients can schedule (or reschedule) appointments at their leisure. Most of the time, this creates an easy and seamless client experience. Due to a series of problems with TimeTrade, I've switched Bryce Legal's online calendar to vCita.

What does this mean to current and prospective clients?

Here are some effects you can expect during this change-over:

  1. Your user interface with vCita should be similar to TimeTrade. One of my goals in using online scheduling software is to provide clients with an easy, user-friendly, initiative solution. After working with vCita for the better part of the last few days, I find vCita is a superior system in most ways. I'm happy for any feedback you have.
  2. TimeTrade's links to my calendar should no longer work. Please do not attempt to use TimeTrade scheduling links in my previous emails to you. If, for some reason, TimeTrade allows you to book using those links, those appointments will not show up on my calendar. Inactive clients returning to finish their projects will need to contact me for an updated link to my new calendar.
  3. I might not receive appointment notices from TimeTrade. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please contact me directly. I'll supply you with a direct calendar link to vCita so that you can reschedule in the new calendar.
  4. I have contacted active clients individually. I've sent each active client an email to confirm, schedule, or reschedule their December and January appointments. I do want to assure clients that no appointments were added to my calendar while TimeTrade was down, so your position in relation to other clients hasn't changed. And, of course, I've continued to work on active projects.
  5. We will have unexpected road bumps. Although I've tested the vCita system and things seem to be going smoothly, switching to a new technology will have road bumps. Unfortunately, you are with me in piloting this new critical management system.

If you experience additional problems or have other questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for your patience during this switch. I know initiating a job search or other career transitions is stressful enough without the added problems this situation has caused. I'm sorry.

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