You have a perspective—and a willingness to address uncomfortable questions. You’ve really helped me out here. You’ve been a pleasure to talk to.
— Veteran business owner and sole practitioner at a career crossroads

We’ve pretty much seen it all.

If you’re looking a lawyer coach and résumé writer who truly knows the legal market and has experience working with clients like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Bryce Legal, we specialize in working with lawyers who want to practice law, leverage their law degrees, or re-evaluate the trajectory of their legal careers. We work with attorneys across their career lifecycles, from launching a successful legal career through downshifting in preparation for retirement. Our clients have backgrounds in just about every practice area, have worked in just about every environment, and have faced myriad challenges:

  • Interdisciplinary areas like corporate leadership, legal department leadership, and other management
  • Traditional practice areas like corporate law or transactions, criminal law, civil litigation, real estate, or general practice
  • Growing or emerging areas like anti-corruption, e-commerce, data security, healthcare compliance, and information governance
  • Highly technical legal areas like securities, corporate finance, intellectual property and patent law, and environmental law
  • Quasi-legal, law-related, or JD-advantage areas like organizational governance, IP portfolio management, and legislative advocacy

Below are some of the most common career transition, re-entry, job search, career development, professional development, technical skill development, and business development situations our clients face.

Job Search Strategies in a Competitive Market

  • Finding hidden opportunities before they turn into public job listings
  • Getting inside intel on jobs, employers, and industries
  • Working with legal recruiters
  • Increasing your skill set during the job search
  • Re-entering the legal profession after a personal or professional break
  • Identifying transferable skills and pivoting mid-career
  • Minimizing the impact of underemployment, unemployment, layoffs, RIFs, corporate bankruptcies and reorganizations, short-term positions, and more
  • Entering the U.S. market for foreign-trained lawyers
  • Exploring other roles or career options

Networking for Results Now and the Future

  • Understanding the value of a personal and professional network
  • Building and strengthening your network online and in-person
  • Putting your network to use
  • Increasing the value of your LinkedIn profile
  • Learning to network in a way that’s natural, comfortable and authentic
  • Meeting new people critical to getting where you want to go

Interview Principles, Practicalities, and Preparation

  • Learning what interviewers are looking for and how to give it to them
  • Applying principles of interviewing to specific situations
  • Preparing answers for questions you don’t want to—or don’t know how to—answer
  • Addressing your real or perceived weaknesses
  • Critiquing your mock interview

Professional Branding and Reputation Management

  • Creating a brand to attract potential employers, recruiters, clients, and other contacts
  • Distinguishing yourself from other qualified candidates
  • Finding and dealing with “digital dirt” impeding your job search and career development
  • Disseminating your brand across platforms to create a positive online presence
  • Building, protecting, and repairing your professional reputation
  • Leveraging skills from a prior career
  • Creating marketing materials

Success in the Workplace

  • Creating a business plan
  • Building 30-60-90 day success plans to get off on the right foot
  • Transitioning from law student to practicing lawyer
  • Facing time-tracking and billing pressures
  • Addressing criticism or constructive feedback on performance evaluations
  • Straddling conflicting philosophies and demands of multiple supervisors
  • Learning to say no and build boundaries
  • Building a case for a raise, promotion, or increased role

Career Planning, Decision-Making, and Development

  • Positioning for next stage opportunities and mid-career pivots
  • Making your mark in law school to increase your post-graduation opportunities
  • Transitioning from law school to law firm, from law firm to in-house, or between other environments
  • Parlaying e-discovery or contract attorney work into a full-time career in growing areas of law and legal services
  • Finding mentors within your geographical area, practice area, or industry
  • Increasing technical skills to stay in-demand in changing times
  • Leveling up
  • Changing practice areas, sectors, and geography
  • Giving back through non-profit board work, mentoring individuals or organizations, and more
  • Moving to corporate boards
  • Downshifting
  • Leaving the law
  • Career decision-making

Getting Unstuck, Finding Your Path, and Reclaiming Happiness

  • Redefining what success means to you
  • Finding a more fulfilling work / life balance
  • Bringing wellness, mindfulness, and well-being into your day
  • Rediscovering what brings you joy
  • Decision-making centered around what you value most

Non-Traditional Lawyers

  • JD/MBA, JD/MPA, JD/MA, LLM, and multiple degrees or licenses
  • Second-career lawyers
  • Lawyers returning to the workforce or to the practice of law
  • Lawyers transitioning practice areas
  • Lawyers leaving the law
  • Military lawyers transitioning to civilian practice
  • Military spouses
  • Non-linear career paths
  • Foreign-educated and foreign-trained lawyers
  • Other highly individualized situations