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The résumé, upon first use, got me an interview!

“The résumé, upon first use, got me an interview! Shauna kind of gave it to me straight and made me face myself and then tore my résumé up, but the end product was fantastic. I would certainly like her help with cover letter and interview advice. She is incredible.”

- Junior attorney seeking law firm associate roles

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Yay me!

“I feel like I was hitting a wall with this résumé. I had it professionally done before, but it just didn’t work for me and I didn’t like the style. I think I look great now. Yay me! This session has been so great. Just to be able to be talk through my work has given me a lot of confidence.”

- Award-winning legal reporter

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I went to another résumé writing service...

“I went to another résumé writing service. That résumé writer didn’t know anything about law so it was hard to talk to her and I ended up a résumé with too much going and it’s not conveying real meaning. I tried to fix it, but I didn’t know how. Now my résumé flows much better and it shows my progression. It’s so much better than I was able to do.”

- Corporate counsel for tech companies

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Within 24 hours, the first firm I sent it to contacted me for an interview.

“When I looked at the new résumé, I was like of course it should have metrics and of course it shouldn’t have fluff. My sister in BigLaw loved the résumé too and said it really popped. She told me ‘If that doesn’t get you a job, then nothing will!’ I’m extremely excited about it—and how fast I got results. Within 24 hours, the first firm I sent it to contacted me for an interview.”

- Junior litigator

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“​[15 minutes into Résumé Cram with Live Edit] I like what you’re doing already.... The narrative already feels better and at a much higher level. [At end of appointment…] This was super helpful and got me thinking about my résumé differently. This has been fantastic.​”

- Lead corporate transactions attorney for business unit of Fortune 50 company

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my résumé has to make sense

“​You’ve given me a headache :) but this is good. It’s absolutely great actually, I get it. And it’s a huge plus to have you look at my résumé rather than someone already knows me because my résumé has to make sense—not to the people who already know me, but to people who don’t.​”

- TV and movie studio lawyer

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