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the best version of myself and my skills

“Hi Shauna, I hope you are doing well. We worked together in May 2017 on my résumé and cover letter for pursuing in-house attorney positions. You were incredibly helpful and I am so happy to report that I received a position as Deputy General Counsel in June at a fast growing startup. It has been a wonderful experience and your assistance in presenting the best version of myself and my skills was instrumental in obtaining this position. So thank you! I was [also] recently informed by the CEO that I will soon be promoted to General Counsel (yay).”

- Executive-track in-house counsel

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I’m excited

“​This résumé and this experience are helping to propel me forward. I’ve had to get over some of my hangups that lawyers are just supposed to put their heads down and work. I’m changing how I think about myself so that I’m now thinking and talking about my value and the impact that I’ve had. The résumé was excellent and I’m excited.”

- Senior corporate generalist in Fortune 500 brands

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a very actionable framework

“​This is a great framework. It’s a very actionable framework. It’s technically sound and makes all the sense of the world. I appreciate having a process that’s not overwhelming and will help me start to narrow down my options so that I can start to make a decision instead of just floundering around. This is very helpful.”

- Government attorney and retired Naval officer exploring private sector options

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a dramatic improvement

“​This is incredibly helpful. I’m watching you like, ‘These are all great ideas, I wonder why I never thought of that.’ I’ve done a lot of reading résumés and interviewing at [top ten 10 law firm], and I have to say this is a dramatic improvement. It's much more organized.​”

- Litigator and corporate investigator positioning for equity partnership

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money very well spent

“This is money very well spent. The things we talking about in the résumé are things that are going to come up at every stage of the interview process as well. I need to be able to speak more eloquently about the things I’ve done. But I’ve had trouble in the past because I couldn't put it all together. So figuring out this organization is very timely. And I really enjoy doing this with you. I really like the way the résumé’s ordered. I’ve been working with chaos, but it almost naturally fell into an order now. It’s kind of genius.”

- Law firm partner moving into drug and cosmetics industry

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rewarding, empowering, and enjoyable

“You make perfect sense. It couldn’t be clearer. I cannot thank you enough. I’m kicking myself for not calling you earlier in my career and my job search. And thank you for not pulling your punches. I appreciate your honesty. This was a really rewarding, empowering, and enjoyable experience.”

- Financial services litigator moving into corporate legal roles

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I wish I had met you years earlier.

“​Thanks for doing the résumé​. It really tells the story, which is a difficult thing because my path isn’t linear; it’s very broad. But it all rings true to me. Overall, it’s exactly what I had hoped it would be. And I’ve told many people I couldn’t have done it that way. I wouldn’t even have thought of doing it that way. I’ve been telling folks that I wish I had met you years earlier.”

- JD/MBA on building a focused career narrative from a winding career path

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For years, I’ve looked—on paper—like a hot a mess.

“For years, I’ve looked—on paper—like a hot a mess. I'm so grateful to you already. I've really found this process very valuable. It seems much more fun to think of and write my résumé as story about my career, rather than using the same old boring résumé format and language everyone else uses. I'm excited to continue working on my own.”

- In-house healthcare attorney looking to advance

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ideas for meeting people and building thought leadership

“These ideas for meeting people and building thought leadership are really great. I especially appreciate the scripts for networking. This goes with my career development plan—whether I stay with my current employer or move.”

- Senior assistant general counsel and division general counsel for Fortune 500

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I got a job within 6 weeks

“Shauna Bryce -- she helped me craft a résumé after 5 years as a SAHM (stay at home mom). I was a lawyer and she did an amazing job marketing me. I am tempted to hire her again now that I’ve been back to work a while to help refresh it. She’s really good at what she does. Highly recommend. Shauna wasn’t cheap - especially since I wasn’t working at the time, but was worth it to me. She was interesting because she was able to translate my unique working experiences. I got a job within 6 weeks of switching up my résumé. She did an excellent job.”

- Posting on “DC Urban Moms and Dads” forum

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