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all the résumé writers recommended you

“Everyone I talked to told me to talk to you. You should know that everyone—all the other résumé writers I talked to— recommended you. And you worked your magic. It's fantastic. It's so much clearer, it's amazing. I actually feel so much better about this whole job search right now because of the new résumé.”

- AmLaw 100 staff attorney

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I’m already feeling more confident

“[Within 30 minutes of Résumé Cram with Live Edit] It looks so much better already. And now it makes sense. It just looks so much better. And I’m already feeling more confident about both my job search and interviewing.”

- National security / cybersecurity lawyer

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like night and day

“I did get the position I was applying for a year ago when you did the miracle work on my résumé. I absolutely love the résumé. It was like night and day. I realized that I actually had a lot of marketable skills and experiences.”

- In-house counsel shifting from SME roles to executive-track

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caught the eyes of key players

“Working with you was the first time I realized that I was a product I have to sell. No one is going to make positive assumptions about my acumen. My résumé has to market who I am. And it worked. My résumé caught the eyes of key players in the industry.”

- Senior corporate counsel

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I’m really thinking about my path and where I want to go.

“I found the process and the new résumé so stimulating. It really jolted me into realizing that I’m going to be responsible to a job interviewer for everything in my résumé. I need to be able to talk about it. I understand more how to tell my story, the common threads, and what themes I want to convey because I’m not just trying to get the next job. I’m really thinking about my path and where I want to go. I really enjoyed the process.”

- American GC returning to the U.S. from Dubai

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