LinkedIn for Lawyers

LinkedIn for Lawyers

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Profiles, Job Search, Networking, Ethics, and Etiquette by Shauna C. Bryce, Esq.

About the Author

Shauna C. Bryce is a graduate of Harvard Law School with 20 years in law and legal careers. She works with lawyers at all levels—from law students to executive-level attorneys in Global 100 law firms and multibillion-dollar businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Her advice column, Ask the Hiring Attorney®, was originally published by Bloomberg Law and is now reprinted by the American Bar Association. She’s the author of several books and Bryce Legal® Career Advice for Lawyers blog, 

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LinkedIn® is the top way to establish a free, professional online presence targeted toward your legal career goals.

Understand the power of LinkedIn® for lawyers (and law students), as well as how to harness that power. The increased visibility and creditability of a great LinkedIn® profile can lead to:

  • Job opportunities (especially for stealth job seekers)

  • Professional connections

  • Edge in the hiring process

  • Industry recognition

  • Potential clients

Great, great book with the right combination of theory, how to, and tips. I could sit down at the computer with this, and with almost no prior familiarity with LinkedIn®, put together a sophisticated profile with ease. ~ Former BigLaw partner

Define And Promote “The Business Of You”

“LinkedIn® For Lawyers” is an in-depth resource that explains the theory behind an outstanding LinkedIn® profile and gives you step-by-step instructions to implement that theory in real life situations. LinkedIn® for Lawyers, not only helps senior-level attorneys, it also helps rising attorneys and law school students avoid pitfalls that can derail their careers, and set themselves for success both in the job search and for the long haul.

By the end of this book, you should be confident about:

  • Create and navigate your LinkedIn® profile.

  • Make changes to your profile.

  • Understand factors to consider before making changes to your profile.

  • Adapt information from your master career portfolio for use on LinkedIn®.

  • Have a profile that protects employer and client confidences, while being “findable” and attractive to potential employers, clients, recruiters, and others offering job, career development, and business building opportunities.

  • Make connections and participate in LinkedIn® groups.

  • Special challenges and issues facing attorneys using LinkedIn® and other social media.