Global Leadership and Careers Within the UN


Interested in a career in international law? Michael Emery, the Director of Human Resources at the UN Population Fund and a leader within the UN System, presented at New Jersey Institute of Technology's Technology and Society Forum on Global Leadership and Careers within the United Nations. In his talk, he addresses the unique challenges UN entities face, and careers skills needed by lawyers (and other professionals) to become leaders in those institutions. Among the topics he addresses include:

  1. Knowing when to step forward, and when to step back
  2. Networking and developing strategic partnerships, both internal and external
  3. Encouraging innovation and change agency
  4. Focusing on results (including talking about putting your impact and achievements on your resume)
  5. Adopting different styles of leadership depending upon situation and audience
  6. Ability to be courageous to address controversial issues
  7. Embracing confidence and humility (tested for in the job interview)

The presentation includes a video in our rapidly evolving technological and global world. When watching, consider how much flexibility and opportunities there are for lawyers in a world undergoing exponential change.