Interviewing Tips For Law Students


If you’re a law student getting ready for interviewing—whether On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) or call backs—you’ll want to check out my July 2013 webinar “Preparing for On-Campus Interviews” with Ian E. Scott, Esq., author of The Law School Lowdown. In addition to taking questions from listeners, Ian and I covered:

  • Overview of The Recruitment Process
  • What to Expect On OCI Day
  • What Does An Interviewer Want To See & How Do You Give Them What They Want?
  • The Top 3 Things You Should Never Do & What You Should Do Instead
  • Some Parting Tips
  • Useful Resources & Links

Although we focused on OCIs, much of what we discussed is applicable for your second round of interviewing too. And thanks to LexisNexis for hosting the event!

You can check out the recording here (free registration required).